Hay Tote Bags

Hay tote, New. Takes the hassle out of horse feeding, saves money fast!


Tired of loosing your hay on the way to the feeder?  This is the greatest feed saver you have ever seen.  Pays for itís self in the first month.  Now all the hay makes it from the stack to the feeder.


This is the smartest way to save hay, time, money and trips back and forth to pick up the hay you keep dropping.


Hay quickly drops from tote to the feeder with out loss or hassle.


Just feed hay?  Make half as many trips back to the stack by carrying up to four flakes in each hand.


Donít need the extra time?  Come feed my horses!


You donít loose hay?  Youíre doing better than me.


Makes a great gift for the horse lover in your life, or a treat for yourself at a great price.


Works great with any flaked hay you feed.


This tough-lightweight work saver is the ticket for your horse operation.


Handles wrap all the way around your tote for added toughness.

Easily holds all that loose hay around the stack and totes it effortlessly to the feeder.

Regular size 21" x 49"
Large size 25" x 64"

Red Hay Tote.............Blue Hay Tote
Note: color and weave may vary slightly.

Use the button below to purchase one regular size hay tote for $6.99 + s&h.

Use the button below to purchase five regular size hay totes for $24.95 + s&h.
and save $10.00 off the single item price!!